Clutch Kits

Clutches are one of those items in your vehicle that you can be guaranteed to wear away. It can be an expensive piece of equipment to purchase and replace so it’s important that you get a top quality brand and a quality mechanic to fit it. Phone us on (056) 772 2810 to talk about our trusted brands LUK, Blueprint and Sachs.

Clutch Friction


Flywheels are used to start vehicle engines and to store momentum to allow for vibration free transportation. Trusted brands sold at James Walsh Motor Parts include LUK, Blueprint and Sachs. To make further enquiries call us on (056) 772 2810.

Clutch Slave Cylinders

The clutch slave cylinder works together with the clutch master cylinder to disengage the clutch when the pedal is pressed so that you can safely shift gears. The signs that indicate the clutch slave cylinder needs replacing include the clutch pedal going soft and brake fluid leaking around the clutch. Trusted brands sold at James Walsh’s include LUK, Blueprint and Sachs. To discuss your clutch needs please call us on (056) 772 2810.

Clutch Master Cylinders

The master cylinder is where clutch fluid is stored. When you push the clutch pedal, clutch fluid flows from the master cylinder to the slave cylinder, producing the required pressure to move the clutch. A clutch master cylinder that is no longer functioning correctly can lead to brake fluid lodging around your clutch pedal and the inability to shift gears. Trusted brands sold include LUK, Blueprint and Sachs. Please call us on (056) 772 2810.

Switches and Sensors for Clutches

Switches and sensors for your clutches are available from James Walsh Motor Parts. Please contact us on (056) 772 2810 and we can help you find the part that you need.

Fitting Parts

When fitting your new clutch there is a strong possibility you will need an alignment tool. To find out more please call us on (056) 772 2810.