Cooling & Heating

Cooling & Heating

Air Conditioning Parts

For all your air conditioning parts call James Walsh Motor Parts on (056) 772 2810.

Switches, Sensors – Cooling & Heating

Your car’s air conditioning system also contains a couple of sensors and switches that manage operation of the air con. Both of these components play a role in temperature monitoring and control. Problems with these items won’t stop your vehicle from running but it can lead to an uncomfortable journey during hot or cold weather. To make further enquiries call us on (056) 772 2810.

Radiators, Heaters & Coolers

Your engine burns fuel and creates friction to enable your vehicle to move and in turn a lot of heat is created. This heat needs to be diverted away from the engine. The radiator keeps your vehicle engine cool. Indicators that all’s not well with your radiator include the water temperature gauge on the dash rising, a burning smell and steam coming from beneath the bonnet. Don’t delay and call James Walsh motor parts on (056) 772 2810 for advice.

Water Hoses

Water hoses can wear out and leak and when this happens the all-important process of cooling the engine cannot take place. This can result in your vehicle overheating and possible engine damage. Don’t let this happen to your car, call Walsh’s on (056) 772 2810 for your replacement water hoses.

Water Pumps

A vitally important part of the smooth running of your vehicle. The water pump is the primary component for maintaining the flow of coolant from the radiator throughout the engine. We stock water pumps for a wide range of cars. Ask one of our storemen what best suits your needs by phoning (056) 772 2810.

Radiator Caps

While a simple component of your cooling system, your radiator cap plays a crucial role in maintaining your vehicle’s cooling efficiency. Radiator caps are cheap, easy to find and take only a few seconds to replace, but ignoring a faulty one can cause overheating problems and potential engine damage. To find out which radiator cap suits your vehicle please call Walsh motor parts on (056) 772 2810.


Thermostats help regulate the temperature of your vehicles coolant. This contributes to two roles. Firstly, it ensures the engine gets up to temperature quickly which is important to keep wear and tear of your cooling system to a minimum plus it allows your interior heater to work more efficiently. Any queries you have on thermostats can be answered by calling (056) 772 2810.