The aerial in your car is built to pick up the magnetic energy of radio waves to provide in car entertainment. If your aerial is the wrong size or shape it may lead to poor reception and therefore, it may need changing. For all your aerial needs please contact us on (056) 772 2810.

Switches, Sensors – Body & Panel

Your vehicle’s electric fan switch turns on the cooling fan when your engine gets too hot.


When the temperature reaches the switch’s pre-set threshold, an internal circuit turns on the fan. When the temperature drops back down, the fan turns off. If the switch is faulty, the fan may not turn on when it should or may run constantly, even when the engine is off. It is imperative that your engine does not overheat. Don’t let this happen to your car, call us on (056) 772 2810 for your replacement electrical switches.


Alternators work in conjunction with your car battery, which operates the starter, ignition and all the electronic accessories in your car. Signs that you may need to replace your alternator include dashboard warnings, dimmed lights, the smell of burning rubber and a whining noise. Ask one of our staff what best suits your needs by phoning (056) 772 2810.


Without a working battery you don’t have a working car. This can make for a very frustrating day! A battery also supplies the extra power necessary when the vehicle’s electrical requirements exceed the supply from the charging system. We have a large range of batteries from trusted brands Bosch and Fiamm. Call on us on (056) 772 2810 and find the solution to your battery problems.

Tyre Pressure Monitor Sensor Kits

The purpose of the tyre pressure monitoring sensor kit in your vehicle is to warn you that at least one or more tyres are under-inflated. To find out which tyre pressure kit suits your vehicle please call Walsh motor parts on (056) 772 2810.


For all your regulator needs please phone on (056) 772 2810.

Multifunctional Relays

Your car requires a lot of electricity to operate. In order to handle all that power without taking up a lot of space, car builders use a multifunctional relay to help control the flow of current between the battery and the equipment. This relay allows a small amount of current to switch on and off a device that normally requires a much larger amount of current to operate. Ask one of our storemen what best suits your needs by phoning (056) 772 2810.


The solenoid transmits electrical current from the battery to the starter motor when you turn the key in your vehicle’s ignition and also pushes the starter drive into the flywheel to allow cranking. Without the solenoid, the starter will not work. Please contact us on (056) 772 2810 and we can help you find the part that you need.

Drive Motors

Electric motors that drive cars need some way to control motor speed. And at its most basic level, a motor drive controls the speed of the motor. Any queries you have on drive motors can be answering by calling (056) 772 2810.

Starter Motors

The importance of this part is in the name ‘Starter’. A Starter motor is an electrically driven motor that connects with and spins the flywheel to begin the motion of the pistons in order to create the necessary compression to start the car. Ask one of our storemen what best suits your needs by phoning (056) 772 2810.