Windscreen Washer Parts

Wiper washer bottles, jets & pumps make up all the gear needed to keep your windscreen dirt & grime free. To make further enquiries call us on (056) 772 2810.

Wiper Gears, Linkage & Motors

Wiper gears are attached to a motor to allow wiper blades move back & forth quickly across your windscreen. Your vehicle’s wiper linkage is also connected to the wiper motor and allows the windscreen wipers to move back and forth.


The windscreen wiper motor powers your vehicle’s washing and wiping system. Any queries you have can be answered by calling (056) 772 2810.

Wiper Arms

Windscreen wiper arms are the metal parts of the windscreen wiper that hold the wiper rubber in place. If your wiper arms get bent they can be easily replaced. It is important to get the correct size for your vehicle so call to James Walsh Motor Parts for the best advice & range of quality stock.

Wiper Blades

Having a working wiper blades is a small but essential bit of kit needed to operate your vehicle safely all year round. It is suggested that wiper blades are changed every 6 months. Call us on (056) 772 2810 and find the solution to your wiper blade needs.